Product Care


Watches can be dirty. Especially cosmetics (cream, perfume, etc..), old skin, daily dirts can find a place in recessed parts of the watch. Since watches are in touch with our skin, it is very important to be clean not only for watches but also ourselves.

All watches (water resistency 50 mt or more) can be cleaned under water. If you try to clean a dirty watch with a tissu, it will make scrathes on the metal surfaces. This is why, it is better to clean them under water. You can reguarly clean your watch with soap and water, even you can use a soft toothbrush.

Beside that, it is necessary to rinse your watch after swimming in salty or chlorinated water.

There are 3 mains points that watches (especially mechanical watches) has to be protected.

1) Magnetic Fields

Nowadays, we use much more electronical apparatus or equipments, so every day our watchesface much more with them. Magnetic fields are caused by many electronics especially computer, smart phones. TV, speakers and etc... Although new watches are much more resistant to magnetic fields, they can be sometimes affected and they become less precise. However, if a watch is broken. So a complete overhaul is not necessary. In this case it is sufficent to apply a anti-magnetic procedure which will take only a few minutes.

2) Hard Impacts

Mechanical watches are consisted of many very small wheels, screws, springs, etc... Some components are so small that it is impossible to see them without magnifier. These components are assembled with special lubrificants. Therefore, if a watch has a hard impact these components can be deformed. Although components are not deformed lubrificants can be out of function. As a result, watches can work slower or faster.

3) Direct Sunlight or Extreme Hot Temperatures


Expired Batteries

If the battrey of your watch has been expired, you have to replace it immediately. Also, if you will not use your watch for longtime, it is better to remove the battery. Otherwise, old battery can oxydise and the damage will be huge.

Leather Straps

Since leather straps are made by genuine leather, they become old in 1 years (average). If you would like to extend the life of your leather strap, you have to keep far from sweat, sea water, pool water or any other water and acidic touches.

Water Resistance

Su geçirmez saatlerin belli kullanım şartları vardır. Bunların en önemlisi saatin kurma kolunun kapalı (vidalı) olmasıdır. Eğer bu veya diğer şartlar ihmal edilirse saat su geçirebilir. Bununla beraber saatlerin su geçirmezlik özelliği sonsuza kadar kalıcı değildir. Saatlerin dakikliğinin kalıcı olması için periyodik bakım gerektirmesi gibi su geçirmezliğinin de kalıcı olması için periyodik bakım gereklidir. Bu bakımlar esnasında saatin su geçirmezliğini sağlayan parçalar (özellikle contalar) yenileriyle değiştirilir.

Extending the life span of watches

Lubrificants in the movement have no more function after a while; therefore components start to be weared. This is why all movements need maintenance in some periods. This period is 3 to 5 years in mechanical watches. If a watch is used intensely, this period can be shorter. If watches bought from RHODIUM are serviced periodically, it will not be difficult to transfer this watch from generation to generation. However, if you wait for a serious problem in order to service it, service price will be higherand the life of watch will be shorter.